About us

SARGA is a company of fervent, creative and smiling young blood who would cater to all your communication needs. This emerging creativity unit offers a wide range of creative and communication services from grass root level interaction to a global stage.

So far SARGA has endeavoured in all kind of media like Advertising, Filmmaking, Spiritual Communication, CSR Activities, Publication, Entertainment Production, Event Management, Auto Rickshaw Release, Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Kiosk, Digital Wall Panting, Theatre and all aspect of media and communication.

SARGA offers its services from city to village and from road to conference rooms. Our committed professionals ensure the zero noise communication delivery to the target audience.

Vision & Mission

SARGA is capable of assembling a complete production and media solution because

we know that work in tight collaboration is a team that will keep a project

focused and on the track all the way.

Our brand of communication is one that leverages reactivity to drive home the

right message to right people at the right time at the right place.

Sarga is complete Media Solution Company.